The Game

You are a cockroach fighting to survive during a nuclear attack. Get food, produce offspring and find shelter. Be quick, you are not alone and the nukes are coming.

How to Play

Controls are simple: Click where the cockroach should go with your left mouse button. You can also just hold down the button and continuously move.

Certain things can be collected by walking over them.

Shorting the wires sticking out of the floor will delay the impending doom.

Try to survive the nukes by finding a hiding spot.

Non-Original Assets

Source Code

The entire game is open source on GitHub:

Known Issues

  • The "Start New Game" and "Next Round" button don't provide feedback after clicked. Loading the game takes a moment, please wait.
  • There might be some stuttering during the first few seconds of a round while parts of the level are still being generated.
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsPhillip Schichtel, Faithcaio
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, one-button, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Unity, weird
AccessibilityOne button

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